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Detroit I Data Stewardship (DETR 04) is a Course

Detroit I Data Stewardship (DETR 04)



Full course description

This is a fully self-paced course, designed for Data Stewards. This course will explore broad data management and data use practices at a more advanced level, with an emphasis on transforming internal data culture and making the most of data products. Topics covered will include data governance, data communication, data sharing, reducing harm from data, and gathering buy-in.
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Expand your definition of what it means to be a data steward; know what it means to advocate for proper use in the role.
  • Build skills to lead city staff in advocating for proper data management.
  • Explore the responsibility of a data steward in coaching other staff.
  • Identify spaces to incorporate co-ownership over data quality with teams.
  • Understand how to secure good data for compliance purposes.
  • Understand how to implement data standards across agencies and the city that go beyond compliance, and how to communicate these standards to others.
  • Identify stakeholders (internal and external) and devise strategies for various levels of collaboration.
  • Build skills and strategies in communicating with data (including simple visuals) to tell the story and motivate others.
  • Build skills and strategies in communicating about data (e.g., with other data stewards).
Duration and Pace:
  • Expected time commitment: 3-4 hours.
  • This course contains several video lectures, knowledge checks, application activities, and additional readings and resources spread over 4 modules. We recommend taking 1 module per week.

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