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Getting Started with Data Inventorying (DM102 EN) is a Course

Getting Started with Data Inventorying (DM102 EN)



Full course description

The "Getting Started with Data Inventorying" is a self-guided course developed by the GovEx Academy at Johns Hopkins University. The course explores data inventorying, an important aspect of data management. It covers the process of creating a comprehensive catalog of data assets, understanding its advantages, and its crucial role in data governance and decision-making. You'll learn to gather, organize, and maintain data inventory, enabling effective data management practices. The course will provide you with a variety of resources, including videos, readings, templates, and assessments, allowing you to work through the material at your own pace.

The expected time commitment for this course is approximately 2-3 hours, based on the average time spent by previous students. To successfully complete the course and receive a certificate of completion, you will need to fill out both the pre and post surveys, watch all the videos attentively, thoroughly read the required texts, and achieve a minimum score of 80% on all knowledge checks throughout the course.


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